Holy Cow!


 So most of you know me as a Milliner and a Bridal Headwear Specialist but what alot of you might not know is that my creativity has taken me in many directions in the past . When you are creative you can turn your hand to so many different things and it can lead you in very interesting ways. I have a passion for home interior and design and have worked as a retail window display artist as well as a Wedding and event stylist.
In the link here you can see some of my recent handy work at a Wedding I helped style. It's not something I do in a professional capacity just a hobby but as I had known the Bride Sally since she was just a kid, when she asked me to help out with her big day I, of course, said yes.
                        16358593_10155109290424432_736849999_n.jpg  15978835_10155109287729432_1213654540_n.jpg  16425468_10155109290594432_714713712_n.jpg

When I met with Sally for some idea storming and she told me her theme was 'cows' I was a little shocked!! I mean how was I going to make cows look classy & how was I going to get this cow theme to fit in with the uber glam venue of Tankarsdtown House ??

It took some creativity but I think we nailed it. I had so much fun working on this event and even have a new found fondness for cows, not to mention an impressive ability to recognise individual breeds now too!

A super talented Makeup artist and hair stylist Sally looked simply stunning on her big day, and a more laid back Bride you could not have met. She is not only a beauty on the outside but on the inside too. She was a dream to work with x
 You can check out the full feature blog on Weddings Online (click here) and sure you might as well go and nosey at the rest of the Wedding dets over on Wedding Photographer Julie Cummins' website (click here) , you might even spot some of my headwear on her other Brides too ;)

Bog Blog!


What else would you be doing on a chilly Monday other than traipsing round a soggy field chasing camera shy horses and trying to avoid disappearing into a bog hole! 

Earlier in the week I teamed up with some very talented local ladies and we put together a wild photoshoot. Our all girl team comprised of super photographer Laura Faherty who was the brain child of our day in the mud. A fan of  Laura's work for years I was immediately on board when she suggested we teamed up to do a shoot.....read more

Apples and Oranges


I create handcrafted Bridal Accessories and often in my line of work I come across comments like "I seen something similar on a website cheaper" or "I can get that from china for half the price" etc etc .
It's like comparing apples and oranges. They are not the same .

For the Bride who wants a quality item don't be fooled by the lure of a perceived bargain on a far-flung website that offers a 4 week shipping time , you get what you pay for. We all know a story of a bride who bought what looked like a fabulous gown online only to have an unwearable rag arrive in the post . We also probably all know one who bought one that was fine too. But fine and fabulous are worlds apart .

Any accessory designer will know the base material cost of their pieces is high above what a finished piece is being sold for on these websites. Take for instance world-renowned Swarovski Crystals that are used in most designer work. These crystals are held in high regard across the world for their brilliance, beautiful shine and superb quality . Swarovski Crystals beads and stones can cost from €1-€6+ each!!! ...multiply that out across a detailed headpiece and you can quickly see where the costs accumulate. Add to that gold and silver plated wires, top class glass beads, hand made filigree components, hours of careful handcrafting , numerous emails or private consultations and fittings and the price starts to make more sense.

The difference is service, the difference is quality .

Do a bit of research find someone who is passionate about what they do and passionate about their little business. I can guarantee you they are using only the finest materials available. They should be able to offer you a superior service with a truly personal touch . They can probably tweak and alter the piece to your specification , or create a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece just for you . At the end you will receive a heirloom quality piece that can be passed down for generations . A piece that tells a story and holds it's beauty for years to come.

We all have different budget restraints and different items on which we are prepared to splurge . Choices need to be made in every purchase we make throughout life. We've all scoured the internet for cheaper alternatives at some point, and settled for some alternative. And there is no designer out there that has a problem with anyone importing a cheaper item when confined by their budget . The problem occurs when these pieces are compared with their high quality work as like for like.

Apples and Oranges.

Kyna x


Launch Day has finally arrived!!


Hello & welcome to my brand spanking new website! I am very excited to finally have it live on the world wide web. This website has been painfully built by myself with my limited computer skills so bare with me there may be tech issues ahead!! 


I'm delighted to be finally able to share my work on a proper platform and have my work easily available to Brides throughout Ireland and further afield.

Browse away , like and share , all your help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated :)


Kyna x