A pretty hair chain. A  twisted and woven link of pearls and seed beads linking two handbeaded ivory flowers on small lace bases. Rice ivory tones with a scattering of antique silver throughout. This headchain can be easily worked into many styles.


Lead times 2-4 weeks. To order click the link below.




A bustle of ivory petals with a pearl center makes up the focus piece of this timeless headpiece. A base of ivory lace emits from below the floral center and creates a vine effect. The piece is fully wired to allow it to be curved and shaped to sit neatly and follow the lines of any hairstyle. Easily pinned into the hair can be worn in many ways.


Lead time 2 weeks. To order click link below.




Olivia is Celias bigger sister! A dramatic burst of ivory petals forms the centre piece of this design. Laid on a base of embroidered lace petals and leaves in fresh ivory. This piece is fully wired and attached to a base comb. Easily shaped to sit neatly to the head and flatter any hair style.


Lead time 2 weeks . To order click link below.




Two ivory petal flowers with pearl and beaded centers, one large and one small. These flowers are on hair pin and can be easily popped into any style. A simple yet elegant touch for any bride. 

€32 for pair

Lead time 2 weeks . To order click link below.




MARIANNA a neat beaded headpiece. Silver, clear and white beads in swirls and floral patterns over a wired base that can be easily shaped to sit neatly in any style. Attached to a comb this piece can be worn in many ways .


Lead time 4 weeks. To order click the link below.